Friday, 31 October 2014

The Breakfast Club Inspired Outfits

The Breakfast Club Inspired Outfits

For this set, I created outfits for each of the characters from the 80's movie the Breakfast Club. John (the Criminal) has a plaid shirt, denim jacket and jeans, black boots and sunglasses. Claire (the Princess) has a pink chiffon top, maxi skirt, brown boots and handbag. Andrew (the Athlete) has a Letterman jacket, jeans, sleeveless top and trainers. Allison (the Basket Case) wears a black sweater and boots, with a grey skirt and bag. Finally, Brian (the Brain) has a green sweater, khaki pants, black wristwatch and blue Nike high tops. 

Red Plaid Blouse

Pink Chiffon Top

Distressed Denim Jacket

Grey Ripped Jeans

Ankle Booties

Red Leather Purse


Long Cotton Scarf

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